When Should You Extract Your Wisdom Teeth

Sep 21 • 2 minute read

When is the right time to say “goodbye” to your wisdom teeth? Is necessary to have your wisdom teeth removed? Are you experiencing wisdom tooth pain or sensitivity on your back teeth?

What are wisdom teeth and why do we have them?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that grow in the back of the mouth and the last set of permanent teeth to come in. They usually start erupting from the ages of 17 to 25 but they may also erupt later in life.

Wisdom teeth will often push the rest of your teeth forward- this was helpful before modern dentistry when people often had teeth missing. Now thanks to modern dentistry, regular check-ups and teeth cleanings at your local dentist near you and increased oral hygiene, wisdom teeth eruption often causes overcrowding and shifting of the teeth and jaw.

Do you have to remove wisdom teeth?

Choosing to remove your wisdom teeth depends on many factors. A check-up and panoramic X-Ray at your Aldershot dentist will help you to decide if you should keep your wisdom teeth. You may decide to keep your wisdom teeth if you have ample room in your mouth for them to erupt, you have good oral hygiene and the teeth are healthy.

Wisdom teeth removal by your local dentist or oral surgeon may be the best choice to maintain your smile and oral hygiene. Wisdom teeth may be partially erupted causing a “food trap” which attracts bacteria and may increase your risk of oral infections and gum (periodontal) disease. Impacted wisdom teeth may also not erupt from the gums at all which may cause infection or damage to the surrounding teeth and jaw structure.

When is the best time to have your wisdom teeth removed?

Many dentists agree that the best time to remove wisdom teeth is at a younger age while the roots have not grown to their full length. Wisdom teeth removal for teenagers and young adults is a very popular procedure. Younger people also tend to heal better. Recovery time for wisdom teeth removal in young adults is approximately three to five (3-5) days.

What kind of dentist near me does wisdom teeth extractions?

Depending on your age, position of your wisdom teeth and your general medical history your local Aldershot dentist may remove your wisdom teeth at your regular dental office or they may refer you to an oral surgeon near you.

Dr. Galkin at Gardens Dental in Aldershot Burlington would be glad to see you for an assessment of your wisdom teeth to see if you should have your wisdom teeth extracted. 

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